Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ra Ra Riot - Dying

I saw ra ra riot once at a weird venue in NY, my friend knew them from Syracuse and always told me I had to see them. They were really great, it just seemed like a bunch of friends, having a great time, really put together, tons of members... a whole string section. It never seemed pretentious or trying hard. They just worked together, and it's catchy nicely put together pop where the strings are a really nice touch, but not one obligatory slow dance song. They kept the energy up and really were the best thing that night after a string of irony and 'we're so bad we're good.'
I had a dream once to maybe talk to them and see if they wanted to release a 7 inch, but V2 beat me to it. This is super import from

Ra ra riot-Dying is fine-Limited edition of only 1000 copies worldwide on the v2 label, the track is a really bouncy piece of indie pop with some lovely lush cello thrown over the top of the mix, the flip side features each year rac mix, october 2007-7"-V2-€4.50

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  1. They've already had a 7" out, also in the UK. It's two singles from their EP. Anyways, this band rules. I'm from Syracuse and I didn't even know they existed until the drummer died and they went on tour with Editors. They aren't really a part of the scene here, unfortunately. I hope to catch 'em next time they play around here though... hopefully with Editors, hehe.