Monday, October 22, 2007

Pet Politics - The Great Pop Supplement

Just got news about the latest Great pop supplement 7", and this one sounds great. Of course the packaging will be amazing, I have to find $ for this one. Magnus Larsson is Pet Politics. On his myspace he counts sonic youth and panda bear as some of his top 8 friends, just based on that I'm ready to fork over the pounds...
I really can't say enough about The Great Pop Supplement, they are a education and art. One of the most amazing series I've ever seen. Every single one is worth getting.

I have to wonder if this was taken from that Silver Jews song, that's all I can think of with these two words together, over and over in my head.
Well it seems he probably has, as well as being an aficionado of the lo-fi.
Checking out the myspace (all tracks are downloadable by the way), this sounds a little Lou Reed, really deep, ahead in the mix, I really like the guitar sound, it lives in the alt-country world a little bit.

It really reminds me of someone else too, like Marshall Crenshaw a little?

Go paypal GPS.

gps22 pet politics "spring" ep 7"
debut 45 of killer, lo-fi sunshine psych/pop from swedish one man outfit, pet politics. limited to 300 numbered copies, this one is a wee bit more costly than usual 45s but you'll understand when you see the packaging- tasty, diecut round/shell like sleeves! £4.29 each....

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