Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mingering Mike - there's nothing wrong with you baby

Half of a great release can be the mythology behind it. This one is amazing.

I have to hand it to Dischord for bringing this to my attention.

Mingering Mike created an entire music world in his bedroom. Most of us sit around with a 4-track, record some things with friends, maybe dub a few copies give them to friends. Mike had a staggering 50+ full length releases on numerous made up labels like 'Mother Goose', 'Fake Records' and ' Hyptnotic'. Mike would meticulously hand draw each cover, put shrink wrap from another record on each one. He would draw the records themselves, the black disks with track breaks with accurate groove lengths and timings. Not only did he draw his records but Mike actually made audio recordings of himself with a cousin, 'Big D' and that's what finally 38 years later is here from Vanguard
records on 45 vinyl.

That sounds amazing enough in and of itself, but someone found all these artifacts being sold at a flea market. Thank god he was a record collector and knew he found something special.
He tracked Mike down and the rest is legend.
This was only in 2002, and since, mike has had art shows of his work and
this seven inch single. There is so much more to this amazing story, go check out Mingering Mike's site for way more of the details... Vietnam, presidential pardons.
They have samples of the tracks, but I want to wait until I put it on the turntable. My imagining of what it's going to sound like will hold me over.

Two tracks:
There's Nothing Wrong With You Baby" (Parts 1 & 2)

Limited pressing of 1000 with hand-numbered insert.

From Dischord:

The wait is over!
Mingering Mike's debut 45 is for sale. The tapes were lovingly transfered to vinyl, the cover was reproduced to exactly match the original, and now, 38 years later, it can be yours. This release is a benefit to the Mingering One. That is, all profits from this record will go directly to Mike. --- Vanguard Squad

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