Friday, October 26, 2007

White lung - hockey dad records

Whatever you do don't call them an all girl punk band. Yes all the members of White Lung are girls, but get over it, there are bands made up of all guys too. Don't be stupid. Am I going to compare them to other great similar line-ups in punk history? I don't think it really applies here. It's an annoying, easy mistake to lump it all together because of gender.

But let's get back to the music. What makes a punk band good these days? Or more than good, what is it that gets them co-opted by indie circles and the hardcore scene? What is universal? In this case, it's the attitude, we're going to rock, we're not self conscious of the image, we're goig to move you. It's a mix between taking this overbearing history and understanding the influences as much as throwing them away and starting over.

White Lung started over in a garage and recorded this 7 inch in 45 minutes before getting shut down out by the neighbors. Whatever the myth might end up being this mini EP is an impressive debut, the energy is there and the recording is surprisingly clean, but still sounds live, room sound and all. It's perfect for the lowly seven inch. I'm sure every minute of this would be great live. I love hearing demos and live recorded shows, it has that immediate quality of the moment that punk thrives on. It's all here by the decibel.

In 'Breaking boxes', white lung packs a bunch of different riffs into this two minutes, it keeps changing before I can get attached to the last one. The song doesn't even have time to end and it's just over with a chord. The next track, 'Amy White Out', (tell me this has something to do with Amy W(h)inehouse, then again I hope not. I've been trying to decipher the lyrics.)
You can go / go go whine / Oh Amy if you want to like him.

Natasha scrapes the guitar strings in rhythm nodding to something Sonic Youth before launching into chords, consistently holding the whole thing together. As much as punk is rooted in lack of musicainship, it doesn't apply here, they are constructing 2 minute pure intelligently constructed skilled punk.
The B-Side, 'Local Garbage' vocalist Mish goes from her signature talking to a scream: Don't go to the clinic without me / You know I need it more than you in a sneering punk reminiscent of something 90's on KRS.
But out of all the subgenre's they could be labeled as... the old school punk one applies here. It completely takes me back to scouring the dollar 45 boxes for that decent punk single, and in the first 30 seconds of hearing it, you just knew.
I just White Lung sticks it out and keeps recording in their friends garages because I wouldn't change a thing.

From Distro Scratch records and Interpunk or paypal Hockey Dad directly.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    No, 'Amy White Out' has nothing to do with Amy Whinehouse. White Lung are not Whinehouse fans. The song is about a good friend of the band. Thanks for the positive review.

  2. Anonymous12:39 AM

    I love these guys! I mean girls. I went to one of their shows here in Vancouver and it was fucking awesome. They're awesome musicians too and as bad as it sounds that's pretty rare. Haven't bought the 7" yet but will ASAP. Well-written review.


  3. Thanks Dave,
    I hope they make it to NYC and I can write a live review.

  4. Anonymous2:17 AM

    moar white lung