Monday, October 29, 2007

Yellow fever - Culver City, on Hugpatch

Just listening to their myspace this morning, and I can see the young marble giants reference, they also remind me of one of my favorite bands The Yips, they had this same kind of quality, in the vocals and style. The recording quality here however is infinitely better, that's what killed the yips, but it's working for Yellow Fever. I can hear the stereolab also, the harmonies, I ordered this one straight away.
According to BrooklynVegan one of these ladies used to be in voxtrot...interesting.

Maxwell Hugpatch says:
We finally have the new Yellow Fever 7". I was DJing a wedding this weekend and the parents of the bride couldn't believe that I still used vinyl. A lot of people ask me why, in fact. Even younger people. Especially DJs. I continue to lug around crates of records, while they just have their CDs or iPods. The truth is, I don't know. I love records, and it's completely irrational, I suppose. After having gone to rock shows for a good while now, my eardrums are so decimated I can hardly tell the difference between CD and record anymore. But I can tell you that this new record from Yellow Fever couldn't exist on anything but vinyl. It's on candy yellow vinyl, and it sounds amazing. I'm so proud to present to you: the Culver City EP.

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