Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wooden shjips on sub pop

Subpop snagged these guys after just a 10" release, which they gave away for free and a 7" of SOL '07 Pts 1&2.
Now the hype might be turning a lot of people off straight away, and I don't blame them, I've been hearing about this myth everywhere. I don't know... where they have even played live? Not that that's suspect, maybe they are trying to keep the mystery going as long as possible.
It's great if you play a track in itunes and then go to their myspace and then another layer starts playing on top there. Some of these tracks remind me of a flashback scene music.

(Space Clothes) Ok, this is that part of the movie where this girl went to a party, she doesn't know everyone and someone drugs her. She's stumbling around, people are laughing... there's all kinds of psychedelic shit happening around her. Then she goes out into the woods to get some air and a serial killer is watching her through the bushes and comes to kill her. Luckily she blacks out and the track ends.

God dammit if there isn't something really exciting about hearing this kind of distortion, just a bunch of long hair biker/hippies destroying their shit, all the way to 11...they have made shoegaze dangerous.

Track Listing:
1. Loose Lips
2. Start to Dreaming

WOODEN SHJIPS "Loose Lips / Start To Dreaming" (Sub Pop) 7" 3.98
We shouldn't have to say very much at all about this brand new 7” from beloved local dronerockers Wooden Shjips, considering how many of their recent full length we sold, same with the self released 7” and 10” (which were included as a bonus disc on the first pressing
of the Holy Mountain full length, all gone now, sorry). It seems like we could just whisper the words 'Wooden Shjips” into the internet and all of these 7”s would suddenly just disappear, only to re-appear moments later on turntables around the world. Which, when you think about it, is basically what is about to happen right now.


The A side is classic Wooden Shjips, taking all of their influences and whipping them into a droney druggy blur. Whooshing distorted riffing, heavy on the phaser (so heavy at times, it sounds like maybe it's not just the guitar, like they ran the whole record through a phaser), some warped Stereolab style organs, simple krautrocky drumming, and those hypnotic Jim Morrison / Nick Drake deep crooning vocals. Think a super psychedelic Sabbath, or a heady
mix of Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3 and Loop. Cyclical and hypnotic, with a strange almost new wavey chord change / breakdown smack dab in the middle.

The flipside is way more poppy and less droney, a slow psychpop drift, with serpentine guitars, and a gradually increasing tempo, the guitar getting all tangled up with the whirring organ, the
whole thing fuzzy and softly propulsive, but with a surprisingly garage-y vibe, reminding us of a more drugged out Sonics, or a more spaced out Fuzztones, especially in the main melody and the higher than usual vocals. Both new tracks are pretty kick ass and fans will most definitely not bee disappointed. And even though the full length on Holy Mountain has only been out for about two months, these new tracks already have us chomping at the bit for another new full length!

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