Thursday, November 1, 2007

Liars • House clouds

We're going to have to wait another month or so for this in the US, so don't kill yourself importing it, most places should carry it that week.
I'm all for the liars taking traditional instruments and creating an album around that. Weren't they really using traditional instruments anyway? Maybe it was traditional songs? Because for them this sounds like a traditional, like field music from the year 2000. You guys sounded at least 20 -25 years ahead so what's the point? Is this some kind of experiment?
This is my least favorite track...for the liars. It could easily be a beck track from Information. That's fine, but I just don't see this dance direction...2 itunes stars. It doesn't fit the rest of the album. I hate it.

Here's how you can get it:


Liars, described by NME as "the most frightening, evolutionary band on the planet", release a brand new single, 'House Clouds', on 29th October and play the ATP 'Release The Bats' show at the Forum on 2nd November - the perfect way to celebrate Hallowe'en!

(Since when does Halloween have an apostrophe at the end? Is that English? Or punk rock?)

'House Clouds', the follow up to the single 'Plaster Casts Of Everything', introduces yet another facet to the band whose pioneering transformations album to album are now legendary. Available on 7", CD and download, the CD features brand new track, 'Red Dirt', plus a remix of 'Clear Island' by pre-teen labelmates Tiny Masters Of Today and the uncensored version of the Patrick Daughter directed 'Plasters Casts Of Everything' video, while the 7" comes backed with exclusive new track 'Dear God'.

'House Clouds' is taken from the new album 'Liars'. Available now on CD, white vinyl and download, the new album was recorded on the heels of 2006's 'Drum's Not Dead' somewhere between LA and Berlin. Liars' 4th album marks another bold transition for Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross, foregoing theory for a more practical approach - one based on traditional song structures and instrument usage.

Liars feature alongside Franz Ferdinand, Deerhoof, Trans Am and David Byrne amongst others, on the David Shrigley compilation Worried Noodles, out on Tomlab this autumn. Each track uses lyrics from the Worried Noodles songbook (2005). More information from

Road recs
Liars-House clouds-Another perfect piece of perfectly quirky avant rock from the liars most recent self titled album on mute records, the track is based around a totally funky almost beta band like beat with lots of added psyche pop thrown over the top of it, also features dear god on the flip side which a lovely piece of classic liars noise, limited edition yellow vinyl pressing.

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