Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cheap Date 5x7" box set • Hoardes of Canada

Wow, this isn't available directly from this label, but Cheap date has outdone themselves with this amazing 7" box set of the bleeding edge of canadian electronic punk. And they mean cheap, this is only 6 pounds?...so something like 12 bucks.... ridiculous, and I fucking want one...shit there are some amazing tracks.
Crystal Castles, we know them, they vomit electronics through 8 bits, You say Party...they are great great great, I'm loving what I've heard of les breastfeeders: french punk, We are wolves: scary computer goth....Duchess Says? This is freaking great, messed up basslines, that border dance/fuck you that I love, great vocals and electronics...

They have really put together a killer package/sampler and I love that it's on 7" of course. This is genius and the bands are great. I really hope I come across this...somehow, I emailed the label, maybe they can point me in the right direction.

Bad Bad Ass, I have to look up all these bands now.

It is for sale at Norman records and recordstoreco.uk

1. Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
2. We Are Wolves - Fight Kiss
3. Duchess Says - Cut Up
4. Mother Mother - Dirty Town
5. Put The Rifle Down - Architekt (demo)
6. You Say Party We Say Die -Monster
7. Uncut - Out Of Sight
8. Think About Life - The Blue Sun
9. Les Breastfeeders - Viens Avec Moi
10 DJ Champion - No Heaven

Hello and welcome to..................Cheap Date Records.

Cheap Date Records like music with an edge that's made by people with an edge and is, well.... fucking honest!

To that note they went to Canada and found a haul of bands so genuine and scarily avant-garde they were forced to go against all known logic and reason and put out a sexily designed, stupidly expensive to make, 5 x 7" vinyl pack. But in the words of many great men and women of our time, they said 'Fuck it'. They mean it and they hope you mean it too. These 10 Canadian gems are a cross-section rumble of attitude and angst versus anthemic art-rock. Damn fine rebel songs and a statement of intent from our bandit friends in the North.

So enjoy a slice of alternative Canada, 3000 miles from East to West.... you'll find a piece of it here.

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