Monday, November 5, 2007

Shout Out Louds - tonight I have to leave it

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
Released on 22/10/07
A. Tonight I Have To Leave It
B. Time Left For Love

I still play this album in the apartment and my girlfriend says 'What cure song is this?'
I will forever be won over by their show at South street seaport at the Spiegeltent, there couldn't have been more than 30 people there and they killed it. It was amazing to watch a band so together and great sounding inside a carousel, playing for you and you alone. It was so great and surreal seeing them in this weird space. I barely knew anything about them, but after that night I liked the hell out of them and I don't care how much they sound like the Cure. That's a good thing, I loved them (the cure) so it takes me back. This is like a new really good album....a cure do-over if you will.
And the lead singer looks like Jason Schwartzman...that's just weird.
This is on longest mile records, which I heard was started by someone in the futureheads? Nice.
That's directly from the source, which is overseas, haven't found anywhere listing it in the US yet.

WFMU record fair was this weekend, a little disappointed at the indie 90's 7" selection, it was mostly other stuff, got a few good things, mostly stuff I have been meaning to get for a while....Orange Juice, Pylon. I'll go back , but maybe just Friday gets crowded and insane/annoying. People literally are pushing you out of the way, there are some good deals, but at times it's no different from the salvation army....tons of useless crap I get caught up in for hours. I thought it would be a little more weeded out. Although a friend found 'My First Mine' the original pavement flexi disc from Ablaze! magazine...for $1. She said it was their second single. That was amazing.

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