Thursday, November 15, 2007

The mutators - Paper Words

The it's really early in the morning for this...I haven't even had any coffee yet and this is scaring the cats. This is serious fucking noise, Leif has a serious voice she is really trying to destroy. It's amazing how you could go through this vocally night after night. Ultra low-fi recording, I like that she is kind of really far away in the mix, she's really yelling trying to break through the guitar sounds and cymbal crashes. Musically, they take some fucked up set of notes and then hit repeat. She's screaming on top of it, searching for a place to come in. It's a fucking fight, and it's like the best art. "I could do that." Well you didn't, there's more to it, shut the fuck up. There's a little room in the sound, so it's not 100% you know what? Not true. It's challenging on your ears, they might hate you, but you don't get anywhere by doing the same old shit now do you? (This makes me swear a lot and I'm ready to fight.)

There is a lock groove which is always worth it...that moment, especially with this kind of noise, if done right, can leave you with it on for hours. 'This track isn't over yet?'

By now you know if this is your bag.

It's on broadway to boundary, click on the paypal buttons.

I also love that myspace is helping disseminate this stuff, it's like stocking the shelves of starbucks with your homemade puke. Ring it up at the cash register, fuckers.

MUTATORS-Paper Words 7” (The Broadway To Boundary/BDY002) $5.50
The third and final wave of Mutators is now down on seven inches of color vinyl. Here is proof for the professed that you can have it all in one package: screeching and halting vocal molestation, squelching single guitar orchestration, drumming set to anxiety, broken shards gurgling and swirling under the surface, and the rhythmic sounds of your own internal functions giving up. An integral part of the rising Vancouver art-punk-noise community, Mutators have recently finished a North American tour and played countless local shows alongside the likes of A-Frames, Mika Miko, Sightings, Shearing Pinx, Fuck Me Dead, Twin, Abe Vigoda, Tyvek, Sick Buildings and Joey Casio. The chronic hearing loss from these shows is now available for private consumption: Two blasts on the A-side, a guitar meltdown while awaiting the lockdown pulse and grind groove that keeps the block knocking on the flip. Turn up the blood curdle from the word go, scare the landlord, and bring on the blackout. Limited to 300 copies on thick blue vinyl, a locked groove B-side, full color jacket, insert, hoarse throats: all included

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  1. Crazy! I just got this in the mail, and was planning on reviewing it soon. This is really good shit. I love the lo-finess of it all.