Friday, November 16, 2007

Nothing people - In the city

It sounds like Nothing People are coming from a historic rock and roll garage aesthetic. I'm hearing a little psyche and old old Jesus and Mary Chain, without the insane cavernous reverb. It sounds like people always mention sci-fi when talking about them, but I'm missing that. If sci-fi has to do with talky reverb vocals and 50's hot rod surf guitar, then Ok I agree.
I really liked this track 'Should've known' on their myspace. They have this great really dirty loud guitar which at first sounded like Neil Young on the Dead Man soundtrack which was just him in a room with this amazing distorted slow torturous guitar sound. But it goes from that into a single note layered, like something almost shellac-ish, and breaks the silence to ROCK.

This one is a really successful combination of the source material updated with their own sound.
Sometimes they sound a little like a 70's soundtrack for a bad biker movie, all echo vocals and tube amps. I could see them playing with wooden shjips, they are related. There's also a kind of slowed down surf rock sound here as well, like Deadbolt they have similar sinister echo vocals.
Like the Cramps...or Richard Hell and the Voidoids, something like that.

You can order directly from them on their myspace blog. They have a 2 song 7 ", and a comp 7" with home blitz and some others....

Nothing People – In the City 7" (S-S) $4
Did you like the Nothing People's debut 7"? Well, this one is even better. Here the pre-punk, psych-punk, glam, & new wave influences collide like atoms in a god damn atom smasher and man is this a great record. The original – In the City – is one smooth sci fi punk rock groover which sounds like it could have been done in 1976 or yesterday. The flip is an excellent cover of a 70's glam gem, done with enough Nothing Peopleism that you won't think about the original.
On clear vinyl.

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