Thursday, December 13, 2007

Asobi Seksu - gigantic single series

Now I don't know too much about Asobi Seksu, now that I'm listening to their myspace page I think I've heard them from somewhere. It could have been high school. I liked that band lush I think for a bit and curve, that was one tape that got lost in my car and I looked for it forever but it disappeared just as I was getting into it. It's very similar stuff, very comforting, those high pitch ethereal vocals, just barely discernable over the chorus effects, shoegaze.
Here they decided to pay homage to 50's girl groups and phil spector, even covering that song. But what really impressed me was the packaging and that they created a website for this single
the design of every piece of it is great....down to the single labels. It's convincing me to pick this up. I appreciate the length they went on this whole package.
Good stuff.
As far as the gigantic series...if they go this far on all of them, it will be a miracle...I will keep an eye on them.

Asobi Seksu
Stay Awake - Then He Kissed me
PS, US "Stay Awake" is a song they originally wrote as a 70s AM radio ditty that was eventually fleshed out into an epic post dream pop Spiritualized number. Incl. a cover of "Then He Kissed Me" where they experiment w/ the Phil Spector sound but incl. their own sound & texture.

Get it from parasol, weirdly it's not available direct from gigantic. They should have a subscription series, I like being suprised and not having to think about it.

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