Friday, December 14, 2007

moshi moshi xmas sale

I debated about this all yesterday and I have to say, but the dollar is just such shit against the pound, and I feel super guilty buying myself stuff this time of year, I should get someone else something, so I should just stop thinking about it.

Plus the only one I was really debating was the Matt & Kim 7" and there's no guarantee getting it.
The 5 for 5 pounds is really great and I'd get all the Tilly and the wall stuff, they usually come out with good singles, and the Mates of State one...that would be worth it.

I don't know how much shipping is, and that's part of it too, because if I go for the 5 for 5, then I might as well get the rare 3 for 5 and make it 10 plus shipping, but now that's like over $20.

7 inches, you haunt me.

I swear... I had a dream the other night and in it I was looking through 7 inch cardboard boxes flipping through a million records. I didn't see any of the covers, but I think I was looking for something...I didn't find it. But weirdly when I woke up, I felt good like I got that out of the way, because I looked through all the good shit so it would be at least a week before new ones came in.

What does that dream mean?
I'm obsessed.

5 for 5 pounds (these titles)
Architecture In Helsinki "Do The Whirlwind"
Tilly And The Wall "Rainbows In The Dark"

Tilly And The Wall "Sing Songs Along"

Tilly And The Wall "The Freest Man"

Au Revoir Simone "Fallen Snow"

Au Revoir Simone "Sad Song"

Hot Club De Paris "Everyeveryeverything"

Hot Club De Paris "Shipwreck" - All Three Formats

Hot Club De Paris "Clockwork Toy"

Hot Club De Paris Remix White Label [Shipwreck(Jamie T Remix)/ Your Face Looks All Wrong (Lo-Fi-Fnk Scouse House Remix)

Hot Club De Paris Clockwork Toy Remix White Label (Goodbooks 9V Remix/Metronomy Remix)

Unsound "Devote Your Life To A Lost Cause"

Sukpatch "Medium Self-Employed"

Mates Of State "Fraud In The 80s"

click here to get this offer

or 5 for 3 rare:
Or Pay £5 and get three of our rare 7"s in our pick n' mix bundle...A last chance to get your hands on such sold out gems as Kate Nash and Late Of The Pier... click here to get this offer Your will receive a selection from:
Dananananaykroyd "Totally Bone"

Matt And KIm "Silver Tiles"

Rat:att:agg "Can We Fix It?/Lift The Hex"

Kate Nash "Caroline's A Victim"

Breakbot "Happy Rabbit/Summer Party"

Slow Club "Because We're Dead"
Pacific! "Break Your Social System"
Late Of The Pier "Bathroom Gurgle"

The Wave Pictures "We Dress Up Like Snowmen"

Elle S'appelle "Little Flame"


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I don't know if you've ordered from Moshi Moshi's online shop before, but they're in on my blacklist.

    I placed an order with them a year ago for 3 or 5 singles. Not only did they never ship them, but they never replied to any of my emails about the order. I finally amanaged to get my money back from PayPal.

    Maybe for someone in Europe it's worth it, but my guess is they simply ignore orders from the US...

    I still by Moshi Moshi stuff from time to time, but never from them directly!

  2. Good to know, I haven't ordered from them directly, and this was tempting enough to keep me thinking about it.
    That's too bad.