Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Liars picture disc + dvd

I had to pick 'worst songs' for a year end thing and glancing at my itunes ratings I saw I gave 'Houseclouds' 1 star. That's definitely going on my list.
I read a rolling stone review that 'Houseclouds' was the Liars doing happy mondays. (!!?) Fuck...that sounds like hell to me.
How did this make it onto the album? I can't believe they just thought it was a good idea, that it completely came from them. Did Mute thin they maybe had a dance hit? After Drums... were they looking to have a seemingly solid hit to recoup the packaging costs or something? I want to delete it from the album. It gets stuck in my head and in the worst way.
These tracks have been reviewed at Norman records as aggressive and noisy. Thank god. They are so good at it...maybe that's it, they wanted to mess with everyone's expectations. Genius.
Supposedly this Dvd includes a cover of Nirvana's territorial pissings, which I definitely want to see, still it is a lot for both.
I've been trying to see if I can find out anything about the label and it's upcoming releases...but no luck. I guess they are planning more releases like this.

This is special collaboration with Liars and Heartfast records. New 2 songs on picture disc 7” and rare live footage on DVD. This is all in one package(come with both!). These 2 songs are exclusive. Noise, aggressiveness, and excitement in which you will see a new side of Liars. Rare footage from their world tour is on the DVD Heartfast is new record label which intends to release collectable items like special picture disc 7”s, 12”s and DVDs…. These formats are more attractive than regular CD. Artwork by Flaspar’s Jessie Jackson. The footage on DVD is more lively almost as if you were at the show. Tracks on the 7 include 1. Leopard on my right, 2. Dear. DVD tracks include: 1. Do As The Birds Do, Eat The Remains, 2. Hold Hands And It'll Happen Anyway, 3. A Visit From Drum 4. Territorial Pissings (Nirvana cover)

$18.99 from Insound.

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