Thursday, January 24, 2008

Digital leather on florida's dying

I came across this label, Floridas dying, which actually is based in Florida and they have a million seven inches I have to research from some of the usual suspects, but I did stumble across this digital leather single.
I noticed disordered (from yesterday) put out one of his singles as well, but I think it's out of print.
I've been following this guy who's in my digital apocalypse future. What is it about this sound that I like so much? It's dark, anti-human, low-fi electronics, but still quick enough to get into. I don't think it's something I enjoy in the traditional sense, I'm more interested in this foreign world full of drunk robots and lasers.
Not that Shawn Foree isn't putting together great epic pop amidst the carnage, like 'My baby's dead' is huge, complete with dying guitar solos and planetarium soundtrack's the music that would be playing in some bmx movie in the early 90's.
I think it's a more successful version of what the Liars were trying to do with their latest self titles album, it's what I was hoping it would be...their demented interpretation of traditional structure etc...they went too literal. He's pushing this sound to it's meltdown. It's like a coherent Ariel pink.
There's all the mysterious sound you could hope for, but more than anything it has a sense of humor, thanks to a close up picture of some guys balls jammed into spandex shorts on the cover of his LP and lyrics and instrument choices. That LP has been repressed on trash colored vinyl for 10 bucks.
'I am a hologram', is great, he repeats this phrase over and over it trails out to silence and then this huge wave of static works it's way back into a chorus and the yelling is more frantic.
Go get this full length and the 7" on floridas dying.

DIGITAL LEATHER- Closed My Eyes 7"

(Disordered) $8.00
4 songs limited to 250 copies.

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  1. I just spent a bunch of time looking through their mailorder only yesterday. This sounds good to my ears as well. Thanks!