Friday, February 8, 2008

Acre on eolian - (Friday 7" podcast #2)

Acre is a one man twisting knobs and pedals, crouched on the floor band/act. This great mention by aquarius got me to track down the label site of Eolian and listen to some of the MP3's and myspace tracks.
It took a while because the myspace tracks don't load, showing the bar of how much you played of the song so I must have heard them a few times before I knew what to listen for. Those ridiculous jumping analizer fake LED's are no help...ever.

From what I can initially gather as I'm hunched over my keyboard, frantically turning the volume up and down, trying to pick this out from flourescent lights, other weirdo music in this office, the coffee machine, and central heating, is that this is truly ambient/drone experimental.
It really creeps up on you after getting into everything around you. It's reminding me of the disintegration loops by basinski in the way that it keeps going from something I'm completely trying to pay attention to and then getting distracted and then it's changed...or has it? Going back to that 4 minutes of silence piece. Is this really coming from the speakers?
Why do I love the idea of this? It's all made manually, it's produced analogue, working boxes of electronics, and that's where it can get interesting having to coax this sound out of nothing. It takes skill to perform this or even be able to reproduce it. Sure there are a million ways to throw a digital effect on a tiny sample and obliterate it into something, but this is impressive. I'm ordering away from Eolian.

ACRE "A Shield Of Air / Born Of Light" (Eolian) 7" 6.98
One of our favorite purveyors of what we’ve taken to calling FLOORcore (short for crouched-on-the-floor-core), the constantly evolving genre, which is marked by live shows featuring performers on their knees, surrounded by a kitchen junk drawer’s worth of equipment, coaxing all sorts of noises from a battered assemblage of broken effects pedals, old synths, and homemade noisemaking devices.
Acre tends to weave all of his random noisemakers into gorgeous undulating walls of slow shifting drone, and on this two track 7”, he does just that, but in dramatically different ways.
The A side is a creeping, thick, gnarled, grinding, looped, hypnotic, crumbling and superdistorted glacial riff, not sure if it’s guitar or synth, but either way it sounds like sonic tar, it oozes and shifts and grinds and creeps, a thick black mass, a deep filthy doom-ed drone. It’s the kind of sound we could listen to forever.
Pretty sure that if we had this on cd, we’d just set it to repeat and listen to nothing else for a month!
The flipside is a dense slab of that sort of vacuum cleaner / hair dryer high end drone, upper register tones drifting in a field of ringing feedback and blurred white noise. The intensity builds and builds as if one at a time, some new appliance was being added to the mix, like a department store gone haywire, the result though is a very dreamy Sunroof!-like mighty high end ur-drone. Super minimal but with close listening strangely ultra maximal, with all sorts of stuff going on within the layered skree.
Packaged in cool white on yellow hand screened sleeves.
Pressed on thick white vinyl with yellow labels, and of course VERY VERY LIMITED, ONLY 300 COPIES...

Here is the 2nd Episode of the 7inches.blogspot podcast...get ready to be thrilled listening to Ween, Sebadoh at the wrong speed, and the greatest musician Jay Reatard. (Is it Re-a-tard, or re-tard?) Either way I've been listening to Blood Visions straight for days, looking forward to see him at greenpoints finest polish night club: Europa!

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