Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nodzzz - make a mess records

This got a great review on dusted, so I immediately ordered the single from a paypal address on their myspace. that's the best, I don't mind tracking it down through a distro place, but there's something about getting it directly from the band, they had to pack it up and walk down to the post office. I appreciate the personal touch.
A lot like their sound, they're having a backyard barbeque, pulling the amps out on the lawn, busting out the super 8 and cutting off their jeans, cause it's hot, simple as that. They are going to rock in the backyard, and effortlessly write a couple of songs. No big deal. The messages are clear, "I don't wanna smoke marijuana". I appreciate the homemade garage rock... that Dead Milkmen quality of are they really singing about that? Driving downtown, monuments, back to basics.... classic 3 piece, messing around with friends.
Nodzzz are roomates of the Traditional fools (I think) and that makes perfect sense, I'm loving this music first, low-fi, west coast mini-movement going on in this house.
It's the best things about unselfconscious sebadoh...sincere and good. Period.

Oh..They drink your milkshake also.

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  1. Just ordered this too... Looking forward to it.