Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Boris 7"

I am really debating seeing these guys at the knitting factory next week. I've been avoiding getting into these guys because there never seems to be a way to get a hold of the vinyl or it's super expensive. I'm worried about adding a band this exclusive to my must have list. It could be very dangerous to my wallet. This 7" however is $4 and there's some other stuff at southern lord I've been meaning to get anyway.
Like The Earth LP I got a while back I've been listening to nonstop, it's more metal than I thought but very cool.
I love that these guys are still taking Jesus and Mary Chain, barbed wire kisses to some kind of endpoint. I don't know going further back who was messing with this much distortion, really still today to a ridiculous unlistenable level. It's like some new technology came along and Bris said finally we can live out our sonic dream. ...and then Times New Viking takes it in a completely different direction.
Boris fits in with Pelican and all this super dramatic shit I am a sucker for...like Jesu has these moments of Shellac and Explosions in the sky that are really great, I'm just not so crazy about it vocally at times. Boris keeps the vocals back in the mix and they must have loved My Bloody Valentine.
Now needless to say I've only given Pink a real listen but I love how in parts it gets so over modulated it sounds like my speakers are breaking. Some times it reminds me of Gish...oh when the smashing pumpkins were good.
I think live my ears are going to thank me.
(It's no different regardless)...God dammit I'm hooked.
That sound is insane.

I think this is from aquarius:
BORIS "Statement" (Southern Lord) 7" 3.98 New Boris record. We toyed with the idea of just leaving it at that. Three simple words. Certainly enough to produce a frenzy of adding to cart and buy-button mashing. For Boris obsessives, the above should indeed be enough. Hop to it. NEW BORIS RECORD!!! It’s limited. Of course. Colored vinyl. And if you don’t buy one now you’ll be shelling out $50 for it a few months down the line on eBay. But you knew that already. For the rest of you, and in the interest of the folks who still want to know what it might sound like before they pull the trigger, allow us to continue the review forthwith: Two tracks, both short and sweet. One from the forthcoming new album Smile, one exclusive to this here 7” (and perhaps a forthcoming import 12”), but for the collector or completist inclined among you, again,the B side will not be on the album.
The A side is pretty killer, fans of Boris’ Pink will feel right at home. A serious Kiss like riff, some cowbell, and then some ridiculously blown out in the red acid psych lead guitar. It’s
weirdly lo-fi sounding, but still fierce, and if the band sounds a bit fuzzy and muddy, the leads sound like Wata is IN your headphones, ramming her guitar straight into your ears. It’s pretty amazing actually. The music is a wild wooly garage metal stomp, tons of FX, wah wah, the vocals though are a bit of surprise. Weirdly poppy. Double tracked. Super melodic, almost sing-along-able. But it’s all about the riffy groove and those impossibly acidic guitar freakouts. WOW. The flipside, “Floor Shaker”, starts out all ambient and shimmery, slow groovy guitars, eventually the track kicks in and we’re in some seriously poppy territory, the vocals soaring and melodic, it almost sounds like some lost grunge band, that sort of punky riffage wrapped around pop hooks, near the end of the track it gets all weirdly distorted, but it’s kind of an exciting new direction, some sort of metallic grunge pop.
Looking forward to hearing Smile now for sure. The packaging as always is over the top. Yellow vinyl, yellow
inner sleeve, the band in full glam mode on the cover, all glamour poses and teased hair, inside, Wata reclining on a little Orange amp, facing a MASSIVE stack with THREE cabinets, and THREE heads. A total Japanese psych freek guitar geek pin up if there ever was one. Again, super limited, only 3000 copies worldwide, we got tons, but as with most Boris stuff, these are gonna fly out of here. Which also means ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER!!!

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  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I know, not a 7" but one of those collectible Boris releases nonetheless. This time the 2 X CD limited and numbered version of their teaming with sunnO))), "Altar." I'm actually letting it go for what I paid...