Wednesday, February 27, 2008

vampire weekend - shit

I knew it, I've been waiting forever to give them a proper chance, how could I have missed them? Well you're right I didn't. So they put out a 7" and now I have an excuse to go listen. This is nothing special, it's kind of ska, the vocals are too high and annoying. Am I hating it because of some kind of backlash. Oh no, I tried to cut it some slack in fact.
Why am I even trying?
No one needs me to tell them this sucks, you like it or you don't. Of course I don't. Why do I even hope.
It's horrible, I don't have enough time for this. There's too much music in the world to be trying to like something. It will be gone in a year.
Save your money Vampire Weekend.

Road recs has it.
Vampire weekend-Mansard roof-The first single to be taken from their self titled debut album now out on the xl label. A short blast of kooky indie rock with hints of african guitar strumming coming on like a more intricate pixies meets arcade fire. Infectiously catchy stuff. Also features ladies of cambridge on the flip side. February 2008-7"-Abeano

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