Tuesday, February 12, 2008


1. Imagos
2. Tiny Tongue

You know, ache records is one of those movements that makes 7"'s more than just tiny records. Andy Dixon runs the thing and like PPM with No Age, plays in Secret Mommy, and releases his own stuff through the label but also just other interesting music he's into. He for sure isn't making tons of money, just loves these weird sounds and finding more than just an outlet for getting this stuff out there, I'm sure it's evolved into running spaces, curating shows, ....I swear I have dreams of being independently wealthy and giving out grants to labels like this who are across the board involved in...everything.
But you know what? They don't need anyone's money, this is just happening and I'm going to wholeheartedly support it. Hopefully that subscription money goes to publish a zine or paint a mural, or something completely unrelated.
I want to be a part of a world where everyone is releasing their friends music on 7"'s, talking about the cover art on their blog and baking some cookies, it's not being a hippie, just create your own fucking scene, that has nothing to do with anything else.

As far as this series goes, I haven't heard of practically one of these bands, but it's one of those specific viewpoints from this part of the world. Like McSweeneys for music...it's a whole new wunderkammer.

Go support this fine label and their huge 7" series.

I'm glad I subscribed a while ago before the dollar was completely worthless...go america!

The seventh installment of our DIV/ORCE series, a split 7" series devoted to transcending the trivial boundaries of genre, pairs up two Bay Area acts.

Wobbly, a San Franciscan with a vigorous back catalog, including releases on Tigerbeat6, and collaborations with MATMOS. His track, Tiny Tongue, features guest vocals by Kevy B (AKA Kevin Blechdom) and, as a first in the series, guest instrumentation by his 7” partners, BULBS. It’s a wiggly road, teeming with wet noodle guitar waver, elastic drums, and the type of vocal manipulation that evokes DAT POLITICS references; a beautifully dizzy track.

Bulbs, a two piece of live-processed guitar and drums (although you’d never guess it), assemble a marvelously composed mélange of harmonious static. The track lazily transitions from various degrees of dynamics, eventually locking into a rhythm led by ghost drums. Best listened to a loud volumes.

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