Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dead science on Tomlab

I think I first heard of the Dead Science through the bunch of different split 7"'s...with xiu xiu, parenthetical girls etc.
I like that they took their quote from a GZA line:
"Math shed light on divine secrets, Dead Science leaked it for the lower level creatures that can't peep it" - the GZA
They have a lot in common with the art leaning Xiu Xiu, it's going to take some patience, it's not immediately welcoming or seducing, you have to get to know them but they are taking a piece of everything from everywhere, you name the genre, They are trained in it, they are changing it, and you can guarantee it will go in directions you weren't expecting. They turned to classical instruments here and there because they can, and nothing says we are serious as hell then a classical trio. This is nearing the end of tomlabs excellent series now that we've finally made it to the letter 'V'.
Tomlab, why do you have to be so elusive with your shipping charges and currency exchange?

Dead Science - Tomlab Alphabet Series: V 7" (Tomlab)
Latest volume in Tomlab's collectable seven-inch series includes a fragmentary and impressionistic song about the American film actor Robert Blake.

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