Friday, February 29, 2008

Les Savy Fav - Patty Lee

Side A
1. Patty Lee
Side B
1. The Sweat Descends

This is...that's right...import only from this Recordstoreuk thing.

The guitar sounds in this song are just so great... that far away chorused out sound...I don't think they have sacrificed anything by playing around with something completely produced...working in this all the sounds so completely manufactured...they're really keeping the sound they have been working with, it's just hyper focused
This album is just such a great continuation of the others's the perfect next chapter.
Nothing new here on this 7" unfortunately but it's one of the most solid singles you could own, and if youa re unsure in the least, this would convince you.

It's weird to see this english review of this single we can't even get.....shit, and I probably would, I have almost everything from 7inches, so what's the deal, does the english distribution rights call fro 7" singles or something?
That's bloody brilliant.

Les Savy Fav are back with a new single on Wichita. 'Patty Lee' which is lifted from the reissue of their 'Inches' long player Phil reckons it's kinda like Modest Mouse, Built To Spill and Girls Against Boys. Decent US alternative rock. There's a new tune on the flip like.. 'The Sweat Descends' has a funky groove and guitar and vocal that recalls the Pixies at times. Ltd to 1000 on white vinyl.

Here is the 5th Episode of the 7inches podcast. I play some justice yeldham from load records, the devon williams single on LA records and the new Health single from suicide squeeze, (16:56).

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