Monday, March 31, 2008

Agent Side Grinder - scary sweedish synth

After listening to Terror Visions, Blank dogs, and Them, Themselves, They, this fits right in into that terrifying dark place of nightmare electronics. I think the thing that makes this a little bit more weird or unsettling is the frame of reference is so out of nowhere, they must have some kind of master plan, or blind love of this sound to be making sounds like this.
It's kind of Joy Division, but also throw in Throbbing Gristle or Mission of Burma, it's that classic dark synth sound. Like with black metal or something, you know what you're essentially going to get, there might be bands that use different elements, or have subtle differences, but they aren't really doing anything new. This isn't, it seems to me, a part of any kind of scene or trend musically anywhere, it fits in with the above mentioned bands, but only because it's the closest thing. Just bizarre and really singleminded about the sound. You have to believe them.

Agent Side Grinder is even going to far as to use analog synths and those classic sounds from the actual instruments, live onstage. I love that they are almost reenacting this time period of music, I would definitely track this down and look for them live.
They also have a full length on Enfant Terrible mailorder.

"Agent Side Grinder is one the most promising new bands in the field of contemporary minimal electronic music. Their music is firmly rooted in the post-punk, new wave, minimal electronics and industrial tradition and they are following in pioneers footsteps of the likes of Silver Apples, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle and Liaisons Dangereuses. No laptops and backing tapes or such things are used. All is done in real time with analogue synths, rhythm boxes and tape loops... in the studio and live on stage... Agent Side Grinder is the new breed for today! This is
the second release on the Petit Enfant series for 7" releases only. The artwork and packaging is done by Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdijk (also known as dj Kramp from our Hex parties)..." -Enfant Terrible.

This is the last pace to get it, from import Danish mailorder, Hotstuff.

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