Friday, March 28, 2008

los Campesinos - pavement cover

I like these guys, I do, for as much as I like sincerity and seriousness, the exact opposite can do it for me too...It can be slightly annoying and out of control spazfest..., but that's good, if you're in the mood, plus are really releasing everything on seven inch, next month they have a conceptual seven inch of one minute covers. They plan on covering casiotone for the pianfully alone so I really hope that isn't going to only be available as an import like this one, but probably only will be.
Los Campesinos have that ensemble, party sound, with everyone throwing their two cents of insanity in. It's working for them, but the logistics of keeping them playing together at this age, playing shows and touring in dirty vans can be rough, but they can pull it off for a few years yet. I really want to hear this pavement cover.

los campesinos!

Side A
1. Death To Los Campesinos!

Side B
1. Frontwards

18th February sees the release of our...fourth single. Entitled 'Death To Los Campesinos!'. This is backed up by our cover of Pavement's 'Frontwards' and another song about mixx tapes 'Clunk-Rewind-Clunk-Play-Clunk'. Available on col-our-ful 7" vinyl and a REFLECTIVE CD, as well as the George Graham of musical formats: download. Beautiful artwork as ever by Sarah Lippett.

It's Friday and that means another podcast, where coincidentally Los Campesinos is played in the ol' bedroom, with the Swirlies - sarah sitting, and Red Red Meat.
We discuss kindercore and twee, tween, and how it has nothing to do with porn. (19:54)

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