Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wether / Teeth Collection

This track Desparation Drip from Wether is like listening to the emergency broadcast signal through the worst crackling radio station. Or a an electronic teakettle that starts yelling through distortion. It is going to test you, it's horrible noise like you've never heard, this shit would clear a room in 5 seconds...insane.
They have a huge discography of split 7"'s and cassettes and CD-R's.
Teeth collection sounds even more disjointed and grating, this is nightmarish, truly evil sounding noises from hell...then they're kind of quiet, like you stepped away from the pit and there's some weird metal construction happening far away before they blow the speakers out again with some mess of distortion.
I just have to admire the endurance of a project where it seems like they have to test the boundaries of music/sound in general and it brings up questions like, 'where do they play live?' What venues are they touring at? Who's coming to see this? They are pushing the boundaries of a listening audience and I can't fault them for that.

Wether / Teeth Collection split Epicene Sounds / No Horseshit 7" Record $4.00 One track of scorched-black drone from each artist. Bitter layers of disorientating electronics and seriously dense pulses. It's like having snakes for tongues who have snakes for tongues. Hissing and poison. Pro pressed 7"s and offset printed covers, limited to 300 copies. A split release from No Horse Shit and Epicene

I found it from
Carbon records mailorder....never came across this online place before, that's a find in itself.

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