Monday, March 10, 2008

common loon on Ideal Utopia records

I saw Sebadoh mentioned in this Parasol description and finally gave it a listen last night.

The A-side has this very Beatles spacey feel. Organs, sleigh bells, multiple layers of vocals, huge room sounding drums. This melody right away takes over, reminding me of some later Elliott Smith stuff from XO, that huge sound, that now just gets sadder every time. It's that slow huge sadness... not quite the high falsetto, but completely in the same neighborhood, I could hear those parts in some kind of later cover version. It has this orchestration that flows around, obscuring and then dropping out.
... But the B-side opening electric slow repeating riff is the stand out track for me, following in sebadoh footsteps, it's not obvious, it's one of those weird hard to follow loops that works in it's simple disjointed-ness. This simple melody gives in to the big sound for the chorus, that get's back into that Beatles influenced Elliott territory. It could easily be one of Jason Lowensteins driven tracks, guided by an inspired Barlow throwaway guitar loop. But then Common loon just lifts it up out and away from those moments of complete breakdown. It's taking me back to high school and Lush, and The Ocean Blue. When I started to think I didn't just have to listen to punk rock skate shit 24 hours a day.

What can I say..... I'll be humming this in the shower tomorrow.

Common Loon "Dinosaur vs. Early Man b/w Palestine Everywhere" 45 $4.00 Blending classic West Coast harmonies with some cosmically-inclined guitar-gush lushness and an otherworldly hi-fi-ness, local dream-rock duo Common Loon rates as one of the C-U Music Scene's bands to watch in 2008. Yes, there's an album in the pipe. Comes with a digital download ticket, so you can have it both ways. Pink-noise-pop for Sebadoh, Spiritualized, and Spacemen 3 fans. From parasol and Insound super cheap for 4, or 4.50 respectively.

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