Tuesday, March 11, 2008

bruce russell - walkie talkie

Bruce Russell as I'm discovering was a part of the Dead C, a band I remember getting a few used EP's from at one time or another, and it was pretty atmosperic, kind of in a non exploding out mogwai way. A lot of static, and weird sounds, like UFO's...it figures they were released on siltbreeze. They were really pioneers in experimental guitar improvisation and I think I even remember a friend had a 7" of the dead c vs sebadoh, which I've been looking for.
But this description of this seven inch completely caught my attention. Dead C is probably the most recognizable experiemental new zealand band, but feedback from walkie talkies? Seven inches are the perfect format for a conceptual idea like this.
I have a couple of shitty walkie talkies and I am going to try this...like a poor man's theramin...you can get really weird feedback with nextels, like this chirping that starts to change into something else.

Russell, Bruce ~ Cadenza Freedom Vol. 2: Toy Walkie Talkie
Chocolate Monk ~ $5.00
7 inch 1997 M-/M-
My fave Russell solo release. A laff-riot of squealing feedback made by simply holding a couple of walkie talkies too close toget

I don't think this is still in print directly from the label Chocolate Monk but you can still get it from fusetron or weirdo records.
and surprisingly Norman records.

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