Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coathangers on Suicide Squeeze

More awesome unassuming authenic-ness from the Coathangers. I have to catch them again when they come through NY.
It's all about the feeling, getting this aesthetic across, it's simple and catchy, I want to believe they are really friends and came up with this organically in garages one summer just fucking around.
I don't think they have this great plan to change music, but are taking full advantage of the attention that's coming their way in the form of this seven inch on Suicide Squeeze, and with tons of deserved hype.
Plus two new tracks not on the full length?...this is a must order immediately.
Really the best compliment is that they aren't just pigeonholed into some riot grrrl punk act....on the full length they go from crazy samples from old etiquette records, to stabs at reggae, slow acoustic numbers, trading vocals. You can't point to any one leader, there's no one and everyone driving this train. It's this collective of talent, from the manic pounding keyboard playing of Bebe, to Rusty's solid banging and vocals, even trading instruments live for 'Nestle in my Boobies'. Sure with tracks like 'Shut the fuck up' and 'Don't touch my shit.' they are going for attention, but it's unmanufactured. And not so seriously they aren't making fun of themselves just a little bit. I mean come on, Rusty Coathanger? That's fucking awesome.
It's some serious fun, half Besties, half Sleater Kinney, the perfect balance between down home sincere fucking ridiculous shit.

Can't wait.

Hailing from the ATL this all girl outfit of vivacious rockers sonically mix a post-punk aesthetic with a sultry edge. Since forming in 2006 the band has shared the stage with such bands as Black Lips, Jay Reatard and Deerhunter. This limited edition 7" features two previously unreleased tracks, Side A - Shake Shake and B Side - Dreamboat. Both tracks are chock-full of brash melodies that swing gracefully between the soulful and the grit. This single will be in stores everywhere starting March 18, 2008 but can be purchased now (!) by visiting our online store. Comes with a coupon for a FREE download of the tracks in MP3 format.

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