Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tiny Masters of today - hologram world

Everyone likes a good story, a couple of kids coming up with some punk/rocking songs about radio riots, repeating the phrase all distorted, two siblings 12 years old. I'd love to believe they came up with all this on their own. That they want to be on stage and just go nuts rocking a crowd, but the truth is they can't want to do this on their own, and they shouldn't they need parents to behind it. But how much is their conception?
All I can see is stage parents looking at a goldmine, they've had all the right indie contributors and production, but none of it is theirs.
Especially this bushy song? Did they honestly give a shit about bush? Or politics, this is screaming the fucking today show guest spot.
I want to hope at least that they are writing the lyrics but they don't even feel sincere, between the producers or parents...there are times this has possibilities, but then we wouldn't be going to watch them at bowery ballroom or where ever. They would just be playing for their friends in a garage, in the backyard. If it reaches this level, they aren't in control, they can't be, it's manufactured. I guess it just doesn't add up for me. I want to believe, but you just can't. There can't be a kids band this visible that's sincere. It can't rise above novelty. I hope if they want someday they have music careers.

Tiny masters of today-Hologram world-Another rather excellent slice of bubble gum garage rock from this teenage pair on the mute label. This track is taken from their recent album bang bang boom cake and features some help from karen o and nick zinner from the yeah yeah yeahs. The flip side features a live xfm session version of hey mr dj. March 2008-7"-Mute

It's import from road recs.

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