Monday, March 24, 2008

Shit and Shine - Cigarette sequence

SHIT & SHINE "Cigarette Sequence" (Skulltone) 7" 5.50

This is interesting, this kind of pschye-noise coming from England, this is a case of the youtube videos handheld crappy dv microphone probably adding another invaluable layer of hiss and fuzz to this multiple drummer band, it's kind of helping the murky mess of static. The mics are too close to the kick drums and end up really clipped and kind of weird crackly sounding.
All the live footage has them
playing with at least 5 drummers, it seems a little gimmicky, they all play the same droning 4/4 stomp beat, I wonder if they could be used better for something really insane and complex. But then I guess that's not the point of this it's more like an overwhelming army of beating and droning guitar wall of sound, that comes through even in a bad 10 second video.
Directly from skulltone.

From Aquarius:
We thought UK noiseniks Shit & Shine couldn’t get any more brutal or abrasive or, well, noisy, but of course we were dead wrong… This two track monstrosity lets us hear us two very different sides of the multi headed S+S beast. The A side finds the band kicking up an absolutely ear shredding din, so noisy and blown out that it’s almost impossible to hear the actual band. There are multiple drummers, and multiple bass players, but here it sounds like they’re all armed with white noise machines and sine wave generators. Layers of in-the-red buzz and high end hiss, super distorted vocals and a murky rhythmic throb. It almost sounds like what we wished Merzbow sounded like, a fierce super dynamic heavy as fuck white noise juggernaut. But then there’s the unexpected B side, which is downright tranquil, a carnivalesque loop warbling beneath children’s voices, tons of delay and reverb, a dizzying blur of funhouse ambience. Weird as fuck, but somehow a good balance for the chaotic skree on the flipside. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES. Each one hand numbered.

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