Friday, March 21, 2008

Young galaxy on Arts and Crafts

Young Galaxy seems like it's a broken social scene in a way, lots of members switching up vocal duties here and there. But in this description I saw the Organ mentioned and I had to take a listen. I can hear it a little but way more BSC, not just that they are on the same label. There's a lot of production and interesting sounds, and driving beats with a chorus that delivers. Vocally it may be in Organ territory, it's kind of floating around in effects.
Pretty solid songwriting all around, a variety of influences obviously coming together. I t has a huge swirly feel like old verve or something, reminding me of a boring summer day on the deck in the backyard. Just realizing how good you got it.
Just something plain nice and comforting about it, wasn't expecting to like it like this.
On Arts & Crafts

From Norman recs:
Here's another limited 7" from Young Galaxy on Arts & Crafts. This one is called 'Outside the City' and the lead track has a cracking Public Image Limited bassline. In fact the drums are very PIL as well.... well rhythmical! I'm reminded of The Organ a little but with a transatlantic slant. It's pretty good actually... loads better than the last single!

Or Gallery AC.

Another Friday podcast! Yay! Some Tom Vek summer fall 7", witchypoo - chill out room 7", and Blank dogs on sweet rot records listened to with a special guest...very Miami, and flannel. (23:08)

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