Friday, April 11, 2008

black bug - on AVANT

Talking to Rocco from Disordered, this was originally going to be released there but has ended up on AVANT! records, and thank god because this is the kind of seven inch that I love to find out about lately. That gets me excited about music again, Black Bug is pushing the limits of technology and sound, using it in new ways that makes it so new again and then transferring to such an obsolete delivery device? Exactly what they're all about. It makes the transition into a sound artifact perfectly. It's more than just sounding analoge, it's bringing the DIY, hands on punk element into a genre that's gone overboard lately with processing and perfection. That's where this shines, the humans are back running the machine. Lily's delivery is dark and distorted, kind of yelling through the great, truly messed up electronics and original sounds. This is the translation of punk in the digital age, it's better than you thought it could be. Excellent release to be tracked down immediately. Uncategorizable, genius.
Based on this review of the A-side from Aquarius I'm headed over there immediately to pick this up.
Everything on their myspace will convince you.

BLACK BUG "I Don't Like You / You A Grave" (Avant!) 7" 8.98
Most female fronted, angry rock bands probably get tired of getting tagged Riot Grrl, especially since for all intents and purposes, Riot Grrl ceased to be relevant years ago, maybe even ceased to exist entirely. BUT, if anyone was hoping to spawn a revival, Black Bug would be the band to make it happen. The A side of this 7”, “I Don’t Like You” is a mother fucking ANTHEM. The main riff totally distorted and so in-the-red it threatens to just fall to pieces, but then the chorus kicks in, and another guitar, EVEN MORE distorted and heavy and high in the mix, lurches into action, and lays waste to EVERYTHING. The drums are a mere pitter pat when faced with such blown out riffage, but it doesn’t even matter. The vocals, though, seal the deal, distorted, wrapped in effects, howled with haughty pissed intensity, as loud and corrosive as the guitars it snarls around. And the hook, shit, if you gussied it up and got rid of some of the guitars and re-recorded it in a real studio we’re talking something like the Breeders’ “Cannonball”, but instead, as is, it’s a fierce fucked up, filthy fucking ANTHEM!
Like the Raveonettes if they were 13 years old, obsessed with Turbonegro, and SO pissed at their shit for brains boyfriend. Or maybe Daisy Chainsaw, but with a singer who is less waifish and sexy, and more bad ass and scary as shit. Reminds us a bit of Monarch punk rock alter ego Rainbow Of Death.
The flipside is not quite the ANTHEM as the A side, but it still slays, processed synthy buzz, tons of effects, this one more groovy and almost dance-y, in a sort of robotic way, more sassy pissed girl vocals. It’s not hard to imagine Black Bug waiting outside some dance club and then kicking the living shit out of Uffie. Hellz Yeah!!
Cool thick black and blue sleeve, pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl.

Episode11 of the podcast:
Codes in the clouds - fractures, be your own pet - blow your mind, the beast within (battle tape sessions), ACRE - a sheild of air
I do a black flag impression, talk shit. (17:41)

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