Tuesday, April 29, 2008

factory floor - bipolar

If you are in the mood for Joy Division and that minimal, sometimes electronic, uncatchy sound, then this is the most faithful near reproduction I've come across...in every way. Can you get enough Joy Division? It depends, it's such a specific sound, tied to an even more specific time period. Not to say this is dated there are other influences at work here, Can, Wire, experimental art influenced anti-pop, nearly pure conceptual tracks which, as much as they can pioneer, can also fail miserably. Bipolar is an incredible acheivement, but I wasn't loving so much 'Aeromodeling Club', this deadpan storytelling practically spoken word number from their myspace. Or the B-side 'You were always wrong', sound promising at first but yelling about the paperboy and england on fire sounds like it could be a lot better than it is. Overall it's a pretty mixed bag from instrumental ambient sound, to spoken word to Joy Division reenactment. They could just be highlighting their versatility but it seems uneven...I wouldn't expect anything else to sound like this single unfortunately.

You can paypal Outside Sound and for 5 pounds or roughly $100 us dollars you could play it for yourself. Saying goodbye to imports.

Norman records says:
Here's a debut 7" by Factory Floor who've clearly heard of Joy Division. In fact it sounds so much like Joy Division it's uncanny. It's called 'Bipolar ' which in case you didn't know is a condition affecting polar bears which makes them bisexual.... It's not global warming killing the polar bears... it's the bipolar thing... they don't know which polar bears to 'make sandwiches with'. Fortunately this isn't affecting the seals as they have no problems knowing which side of the bread is buttered. Here's a dark gothy chugging post punk influenced tune which sounds like it was made around that time. It's done rather well and Ant has just chuntered up that it sounds a bit like Artery in places. I think this is rather good. Well done boys.


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Is it not a good thing that they are versaltile? I saw them play for the first time at the weekend and live they are incredible - very tense on stage and the energy is brilliant. The lyrics are whats great - dont we are still comntinue to go on about morrisseys kitchen sink words? - love them or hate them, i hope we hear more from these boys.

  2. It can definitely be a good thing, but the single sounds so amazing, and the other things on their myspace sound like a different band. If they go in this Bipolar direction I will gladly go see them live.
    Some of the versatile choices weren't my favorite, that's all, bipolar is so incredible.
    Hopefully they'll make it to NYC.

  3. Anonymous5:45 AM

    The reason they sound so different is because of personnel changes. I have been a fan of their's for a while and always kept an eye on their myspace and they have a new bass player. Bipolar was on there during the time with their previous bassist, it is EXACTLY the same.


  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    they had a few people come and go but this is the first stable line up they have ever had. It sounds like the fall - 50 members on...If you check their biog it says the same thing. The 3 of them all recorded bipolar. It is different to the one that they used to have up. Just emailed the band as bought the single and you can see the difference. Plus the guys paid for all the new recordings themselves so all 3 would be credited. Best of luck to them. Can not wait to hear more.

  5. Anonymous8:42 AM

    They have really improved since they got the new bass player I saw them once with the old bass player and it was not as good, I think he did most of the vocals but his vocals grated against the music just flat like a bad Joe Strummer. The new bass player sang a track at the Rough Trade gig not sure what it was called (anyone know?) but it was superb, what I like about these lads is they mix it up and its constantly evolving, they switch the vocals, the bass player uses a drum the guitarist also plays the keys, and you never quite know what's coming next.

    Bought the single last week and been playing it pretty much non stop I am really impressed, the B side in my opinion is better than the single track itself. The myspace page does show much diversity almost as if they are pulling in all directions but that for me is a great thing, they are unpredictable and absolutely versatile.

    Anyone know where they hail from? the bio said hackney but I think they are northern lads?