Monday, April 28, 2008

The Shout Out Louds - Leave it

A. Tonight I Have To Leave It
B. Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)

This song has come up so many times and every time I swear I missed it somehow on some Cure single or album I forgot about. It's eerie, it's beyond just sounding kind of like Robert Smith, it's the same song structures, the same demented pop of 'hot hot hot', 'close to me' or 'In between days', that sounds like a mental patients best day. The opposite of the gloomy death Cure, The Shout outs are equaling their Friday's I'm in Love moments. Take that era Cure, have a Jason Schwartzman lookalike from Sweden sing and you have the Shout Out Louds. This is the perfect entry point for their particular pop. Very high school 1997, and I love every minute.
Why bother with a remix on the B-side. I don't understand it, I do however want more shout out louds that aren't on the album.

From Norman records:
More men with guitars making indie music. Oh yes... The Shout Out Louds new 7" is called 'Tonight I Have To Leave It' and it has the biggest sticker on a 7" that I've ever seen. It takes up about half the sleeve... it's crazy man. Musically it sounds exactly like Inbetween Days by The Cure and for once there's a record on Weekender which doesn't make me want to syphon the dangerous acids out of my body and drip them into my eyes.

From Weekender records through pinnacle entertainment.

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