Wednesday, April 30, 2008

young knives - live lathe cut

1. Turn Tail (Lathe Cut Session)
2. Mummy Light the Fire

I'm not a super huge fan of the Young Knives, the remind me of a really polished kind of middle of the road futureheads, fronted by Ira Glass or something. It's good enough, catchy, they probably weren't meant to be as successful as they are. They weren't put together, or a sure thing by any strechBut they are doing something really important as far as seven inches are concerned.
First they are recording this seriously reasonably priced single direct to lathe cut. I haven't seen this footage of the recording process but from what I'm imagining is that they had to have the lathe cutter in an adjacent studio and then you just drop the cutter onto a blank disk and go for it. There's no mastering, no editing out, fading. Then they must have to make negatives from that and press the huge edition of singles from that. It's pretty interesting. Like AA, Wolf eyes stuff, but on a massive scale. I have no idea if this will lead to any sound difference or whatever, but the idea that they were in the rookm next door playing this live and you get as close as possible.
The next thing I'm a huge fan of is this is available directly from them. We need more artists selling stuff like this directly on their site. And a site that doesn't point back to their myspace! It kills me when you can't get releases directly from the band. Just set up a paypal button, whatever. It just makes me feel better.
Kind of amazing.

YOUNG KNIVES 'TURN TAIL'... The greatest Trans 7” ever?
Ok, so we thought we could do something really special, to get
back to the essence of whatmakes a Transgressive 7” important...
something that personally and directlylinks you to the artist in a
really special manner, and making a unique and individual record...
With this in mind, Young Knives have recorded a very special 7” direct to the Lathe
- using NO recording studio at all - simply; through two stereo mikes, and down onto
the vinyl - and they sound incredible....
We’ll have links to video footage of this unique piece,
(which hasn’t been done commerciallysince the 70’s)
up soon, but in the meantime, you earlybirds can
pre-order here.

From transgressive records

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