Wednesday, April 23, 2008

gaslamp killer + shepard fairey

I'm just finding out about this split 2x7" with Gaslamp Killer and free the robots, but I'm a shepard fairey fan so this caught my eye the other day. His work was kind of like my generations Keith Haring, it was everywhere, every street corner, stickers on every streetlight...parking meters, and it's Andre the giant, completely random. I think once I got off the chinatown bus in Boston and saw a neckface tag and an obey sticker and it felt like home. I appreciate that tradition of busting your ass and using the street to get your work out there in any way possible. Making it all up and into a business, that's my dream anyway.

There was this whole controversy about him plagarising his imagery, but that seems like that's kind of been his point all along and this like a hacky critique anyway... then he endorsed Obama, and I think they were contacting him to use his work at rally's or something. Either way, he's part of the establishment now using his powers for good, like this 2x7" set which comes with a print or something. I love that Gaslamp can now literally use his own records in his mix. That has to be a milestone as a DJ, to be pressing your own shit and utting it out there. I don't know if this is original material or what, but I would give this a shot if I saw it at turntable lab.

I found this mix of gaslight's at So go have a listen.

Gaslamp Killer on a rampage! This is his new box set from Obey, limited to 1000, featuring a split 7" with GLK and Free The Robots, backed with his new I Spit On Your Grave mix cd. The two LA beat excursionists... expand review kill the 7" with GLK's mind bending "Show Stopper(1)" and the horror rock sounds of Free The Robot's "Clocks And Daggers (2)." The anticipated mix continues the evil breaks, with a lil' help from evil breaks partner Kutmah for an hour of murderous drums, deep funk, and dark instrumentals. There's no tracklist for this, but the Gaslamp Killer has never been one to leave clues at the scene of the crime. If you believe in the dark side of funk, you'll love this. Obey certainly didn't pull any stops on the design either. From the piercing portrait of GLK on the cover by Shepard Fairey to the eloquent gatefold art, this is bound to be sought by collectors everywhere. Highly recommended! -C'mish

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