Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tv ghost - atomic rain

TV Ghosts seems to exist in the place between Times New Viking and Deadbolt, the recording itself has that otherworldly fuzzy, distant, no-fi sound. Is this becoming like a preset on boards or for protools? I mean it's easy to not worry about capturing every instrument individually in an isolated room, microphone angles, and amp emulators, but it's just as specific of a choice these days to sound like this, almost as much work...so to say, 'oh they just stuck a tape player in the corner of their practice space' might not be true. I just wonder how much that's really happening and how much is a highly crafted niche.
I want to believe, and I do, that TV Ghosts is recording with whatever's on hand, making the hiss and muffled treble another sound to be manipulated, a happy accident. It's working for them, and I want to hear these projects sweating away in basements and on the fringes of everything. They sound like they're influenced by the hot rod surf sound, heavy on the reverb and instead of zombie's it's ghosts, and from Indiana, so there's no pigeonholing them. I guess I'm questioning if it's me finding this and writing about it, or it's just popping up everywhere. This has to be some kind of movement at this point.
I can't wait to see Jay Retard tonight and hopefully no one fucks with his shit.

"How many records just feel mysterious these days? The debut Pink Reason 7" had it, the Los Llamarada LP has it in spades, certainly the Blank Dogs can pull it off whenever "they" choose, but most records will sit before your jaded eyes and ears and perform exactly the dance they appear to advertise: powerpop, electro-beep, folkie stems n seeds, etc. This here TV Ghost 7" is more in line with the aforementioned bands as a new X Factor on the micro-popular music scene, a band whose sound is difficult to categorize and resists easy comparison. No, they dont sound like the Blank Dogs, they are working a vein that drives a path back thru indie rock all the way to early No Wave and threads forward to us thru the LAFMS archives with a pitstop in Port Chalmers for a spot of homebake. It helps that the songs on this record feel like excerpts from a larger whole, and that the vinyl tends to make your needle act like its haunted by St. Vitus in the middle of one side. Musico Mysterioso. Please kids, no limited-to-50 cassette follow-up to this, get this shit out to the "masses"… "-RW, Z-Gun.

From fusetron

or direct from Die Stasi

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