Thursday, April 24, 2008

robedoor - 8" lathe cut

Someday I will take the time to sort out all the acts working in this noise-scape haunted anti wave that's happening because I need to keep reminding myself by listening all over again to each one of these side projects. It doesn't help that they are all on split 7"'s with each other and members are swapped between things...Not Not Fun, dnt, they created this amazing movement/ scene that is expanding out into the universe. This is ground zero for exactly the most interesting sound being created.

I mean if you feel like experimental noise that you've never heard before.

I think the description from NNF sums it up the best "headless druids falling through a portal", it's nightmarish, sound, why is it scary? I keep asking myself, what is it about what's here that's so unsettling? Maybe it's the disconnect from any sound reference, you don't immediately recognize the noises. There's nothing jarring, nothing making you jump...screaming, it's more subtle, building up, but it's organic somehow. There's no grating keyboard/electronics, it's all ghostly. Like the tribal ghost punk of These are Powers. It's going to take a long time to sort out, make some sense of, but will never stop being so rewarding.

Again, if you're in the mood for druids falling through portals...

Title: Faded Crusade/Pitiless Messiah
Format: 8" Square Lathe Cut
Label: Alt.Vinyl
Country: UK
Price: $26.00
"Limited edition of 100, clear, square, hand-cut by peter king 8" lathe
Frankly terrifying blast of thunder from these LA noise monsters. Here, their towering funnel of sound is channelled into a night-time ditch of punk bastardism. Its spat out on the floor, trodden on, then blown up to a thousand times the size of a moon and thrown at the head of modern man. This is raging, yes, but there is much beauty at work here too, a subtlety below the raging surface that is present in all this bands work." -Alt.Vinyl

From fusetron. This lathe cut will slowly degrade and just make these sounds all the better, like disintegration loops. And you will listen to it a million times, since it costs $26 bucks.

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