Wednesday, April 9, 2008

LSF - Picture disc - Rococo records

Rococo records is the label that released that Australian tour (? not sure) only 7" "Hit by a Train, Hit by a Car' which I knew was just the beginning of things to come. It was so great, both sides, and had that indescribable produced just to the point of sounding too good, but using these interesting guitar sounds, all hyper paced. Now they have just surpassed that awesomeness with this amazing picture disc. The A-side isn't anywhere else and you love Raging in the Plague's a win win.
Thanks to Paul at
seven ten twelve I was over there anyway looking at something and there it was. Limited to 800, and this isn't some weird experiment, side project, from a pretty good band..this is the monumental/historic Les Savy Fav...I can't recommend this enough. Their latest album after years of touring, Let's stay friends is just as good as anything they've done. They hang in there and keep getting bigger and bigger, rightfully so, they deserve it, they deserve it. This is just one of those weird jems that you won't end up regretting years later because now they suck.
I seriously am going to do some editing to my seven inch shelves this weekend. Any band that has lost their integrity goes on the 'ol ebay. Good riddance. Make way for the LSF picture discs.
I think it's $10, perfection isn't cheap.

Available for pre order, ships after April 1st due to pressing. Limited to 800 copies. The Last in the Australian series and Rococo's first picture disc. The songs are 'Wake Up A Snake' and 'Raging In The Plague Age'.


  1. les savy fav never disappoint live, but you're seriously kidding to say that 'let's stay friends' is as good as any of their previous recordings...especially if 'go forth' is in that discussion.

    just my opinion. these releases are probably worth $10, but i'm waiting for tim and syd to become a rocking two-piece and begin taking risks again.

  2. Matt,
    I don't know... there were enough tracks I keep loving, Patty Lee, What Would Wolves Do, Pots and Pans...all great. These aren't as good as go forth stuff? Personally rome (written upside down) converted me and is still amazing.
    As far as Let's be...not takign risks...I can see that, this one might be more commercial sounding, but I was still pleasantly surprised... but you throw the consistently amazing show live and I'm behind it all.

  3. i think patty lee is the only real solid track off of lets be friends.

    perfection for me is found in their songs 'tragic monsters' 'no sleeves' 'bloom on demand' 'one to three'...essentially most if not all the tracks on go forth.

    i do agree with you about rome though...'asleepers union' was the jam the year it came out.

    all that stuff was so much harder than their latest efforts to pin down. sure, tim is still one of the more entertaining frontmen around, but i just wish the material the band is currently working with matched the energy of their live show. it's like they have to work harder to really sell their songs now. just my opinion.

  4. You know, you're making me want to go back and relisten to Go Forth, I didn't appreciate that enough. I guess I give a lot of leeway to a band that's.... let's face it they're old, they aren't going to be the same experimenters...there's more on the line, the label, livlihoods...maybe that's an excuse...but I'm just happy when they aren't off solo with orchestral arrangements and a best of disk.
    Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm going forth.

  5. really though! no orchestral arrangements please. though i wonder if that inches record released a few years back can be considered a 'best of' album? though...i guess it was more of an album that allowed fans to pick up material that previously saw a limited release.

    cheers. go forth!