Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Takeovers - Robert Pollard

I have tried and tried to listen to guided by voices, I can't quite figure out what it is, I would ask people about where to start, what would do it, I've tried Alien Lanes, Propeller, I think I need like a definitive documentary, or 33 1/3 book and a solid wekend.
I finally sold all the seven inches I had accumulated, someone else should appreciate them...I'm starting to feel that way about my interpol, bloc party and BYOP singles...they just don't have the same good feelings anymore, they are out of the singles world, the personal caring world of bands I give a shit about. They have been marketed shitty, and the music hasn't been backing it up. I'm glad to have seen them, I think that period can live on in my memory, and people will question how they would have come up in those circles, but there was a time when they were just another band playing shows, and pressing singles.
None of which applies to Robert Pollard, he sure keeps right on pressing away, with side projects and tons of band and solo singles behind him at this point. It's impressive and that's why I keep trying, it just never sticks...I may be a lost cause but he is a legend in the world of seven inches and I will recognize.
Here it is, his latest.

950 copies 500 numbered through the website.

TAKEOVERS "Little Green Onion Man" (Off - OFF 992) 7" $6.00

***NOW AVAILABLE ON 7-INCH VINYL!!! This freaky little beast, the new TAKEOVERS EP, Little Green Onion Man, is a nice mini-movie comprised of four songs (three of which are unreleased ROBERT POLLARD compositions) that warmly straddle the loosey-goosey psych-pop sounds of their first album, Turn To Red, as well as the white-knuckled rock pomp of their second, Bad Football. From the spooky freak-beat of "Rich Man's Girl" to the Ann Arbor beating that "Wigstomper 07" dishes out, you might not want to listen to this in the dark. Also along for the tight little visit of their twisted, lop-sided tunage are JOHN MOEN of STEPHEN MALKMUS/THE DECEMBERISTS, SAM COOMES of QUASI/BLUES GOBLINS and BRIAN BERG of 44 LONG. Little Green Onion Man is pressed in a limited edition of 1000 CDs and 450 copies of 7-inch vinyl.

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  1. I totally get this. I have been a GBV /Pollard fanatic for 14 years now, and my collection just keeps growing exponentially. That said, I have never successfully converted someone to the church of Bob. I've spent week perfecting mixes, given Bee Thousand, Propeller AND Alien Lanes as gifts... nothing.

    The only minor success I have ever had was making people watch the "Watch Me Jumpstart" documentary. Try that.