Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nanox on shit sandwich

My favorite named label... I think listening to WFMU once the DJ said something about shit sandwich like ' I guess the kids are pressing records again'. Well fuck yea. They are... now unwrap it and eat it. Shouldn't the kids be pressing records? It was kind of condescending...oh well, you're playing them so...I hope you liked it.
The kids at Shit Sandwich are releasing this colored vinyl, Nanox on the world. They iare Japanese and called punk, I guess, it's weird what gets lumped together as punk, I don't know what to call it either and another subcategory? Well, I guess that's the best we can do. This is described as early XTC? Maybe I missed that period because this doesn't remind me of them at all. Heavy on keyboards at times. Undecipherable lyrics, but most deinitely an oddity, kind of too heavy on the fun pop for my liking, but I can appreciate the effort. Go listen to the myspace before you drunkenly order like I did.
Shit Sandwich

From the Land of the Rising Shit Sandwich, we present our second record in S.S.'s International Series (insert shitake mushroom pun here). NANOX delivers awesome, quirky, keyboard driven, neo wave Japanese-ness in the vein of early XTC. Three songs that make me want to use words like 'angular' to describe music. And the cover is kick ass too. 100 on ice blue vinyl for mailorder only - LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. If you order two, you will get one colored and one black.

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