Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Weakends on Rob's House

The Weakends is some french punk, shitty no-fi blues courtesy of Rob's House, recorded/produced by Cheveu, so you get an idea of what we're going to be working with. You know that french garage rock scene that you've been hearing so much about? Right.
They are banging away, singing through broken PA's, sounding like a way cooler hot rod, 50's, b-movie band then you ever remember, or they sound like what those bands should have sounded like, but they were too self aware or just never that good.

This is being played in France? Seriously, these guys are not in it for the money.

Small Towns is just a rocking little repetitive screechy fuzzed out guitar number, David or Simon is yelling, snarling about something, the drums can endearingly barely keep up, they make it seem so easy, but don't sound like dicks. Recorded with a barely working cassette player, heavy on the treble, please.

A very reasonable $4 from
Rob's House.

----rhr034: THE WEAKENDS-----------------------------

debut release from bordeaux's the weakends [website] and gauranteed to please. too many lo-fi fuzzed out influences to name but these guys live it and this is just their first step on the way to claiming the title of france's best garage band. recorded by french weird punks cheveu.

[500 pressed; black vinyl]

side a:
death rides

side b:
small towns

By the way all the out of print recent titles on Rob's House are available from parasol.

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