Friday, April 4, 2008

No Age on subpop! Preorder!

I keep hearing how these guys aren't as great live, I'm going to have to see for myself, but I've read some not so great reviews...could be nothing. I like all the 12"'s and 7"'s I've heard, and the full here's another one from available for preorder from subpop.
I guess I can see why this might be different live, there's a lot of production in the tracks with effects and punching in weird pieces and sounds, but they have a great rocking garage sound when they are just banging away.
I am going to go see for myself at Bowery soon, I missed a couple of their more local venue shows, like a jerk, and this will finally force me to check them out.
I think they deliver for me in places Deerhunter doesn't, it's less atmospheric, less jam, waiting for the payoff. No age seems to go right for it from the beginning, it's fuzzy and fast, times new viking with hidden vocals. It's not so reliant on the electronics. I really want to hear what they do with these covers as well.

No Age! Alright! On April 8th, we’re putting out a new 7” single from the aforementioned No Age with the a-side “Eraser”, from their forthcoming Nouns (out May 6th, stay tuned) and three b-sides, covers originally by The Nerves, The Urinals, and Nate Denver’s Neck.Pre-order right here.

Another Friday, another attempt at a podcast, Episode 10, Folk implosion - brand new skin / caterpillar girl, Mayyors - s/t, Codes in the clouds - distant street lights. (18:32)

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