Monday, April 21, 2008

Oppenheimer - look up

I always have a soft spot for zany electronic twee, it's the flip side to that synth punk, it can just be straight fun, and they end up taking the same kinds of chances, but they seem wussy. It's fine, there's a place for that, I can appreciate it. This at times is a little too produced and borders on the last death cab album, you can hear the money....but then they do something unicorns-esque...there is promise here...
Maybe I have some kind of memory attached to this style, I was really into sad bastard indie rock, lots of sad acoustic Sebadoh and Palace and Smog. That shit will make you a mess.
Then Beck kind of took me in a different direction of unseriousness. My friend tim was playing with a couple bands that I didn't recognize as twee sounding on zero hour was just as fun and keyboard-y and off tune singing your heart out vocals. I didn't want to be such a sad bastard anymore, and write serious shit and try to have it really mean something and stare at the god damn ground.
This reminds me of some of those days, it sounds like they are discovering everything for the first time, and I can always learn something from that.
Of course it's import only from FP.

Oppenheimer-Look up [this single is released on the 5th of may]-Limited edition white vinyl pressing. Only 500 copies available in numbered sleeves.
Features look up and the never never on the flip side. Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming second album. Oppenheimer are a belfast based electronic pop outfit now signed to the fantastic plastic label.-7"-Fantastic plastic

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