Friday, April 25, 2008

titmachine - ????

After the review on siltblog, I had to go see if this version of 'I want to be your dog' was on their myspace and sadly it's not, they got my attention... this cover might be great, but everything here was just horrific. Really untalented, terrible. It reminds me of how bad the late 90's could be when it seemed like every open mic had a shit waste of electricity band like this. I could tolerate it, but can't anymore...there is nothing redeemable about this in any way. And you might think, 'well that's an accomplishment then isn't it?' Or 'Everyone hated the Sex Pistols when they first played.' It's not even on the same planet, it can't compare...I could score 4 minutes of silence...but I'm not John Fucking Cage! This is such blatant boring posturing, it makes me sick. They are billing themselves like some kind of novelty, having met in prison and this is the only job they can get?... they are a joke. The worst track has to be the live one. What blew my mind was imagining anyone going to see this shit for free.

I can't get back the five minutes I just wasted.

From Fusetron:
"If youd have asked me yesterday if I needed to hear another cover of the Stooges Wanna be your dog", the NO wouldve resonated like one of them Alps yodellers in the Riccola commercial. But after hearin Titmachines version of said overdone classic, Is liked to have choked to death on my cough drop. A tremendous neanderthalic, witchy all-fem DIY sucker punch right between the eyes of any of the greatest punk primitief classics you can name, right up there w/Kleenex & Manisch Depressiv. Id have peggedem as Swiss too, but theys Dutch & much like their infamous elm disease, Titmaster is more than capable of complete devastation. The B-side a wondrous mess as well & I am goin to the front of the line to wait impatiently for their next amazing release. Cmon, lets have it! NOW!" - SILTBLOG. "The four members of TITMACHINE met in prison (each was convicted of crimes she did not commit). Unable to find gainful employment upon their discharge from stoney lonesome, the ex-inmates formed a band, naturally, the ideal vehicle for the unemployable. The lucrative alternative Dutch music scene rewards them handsomely in exchange for the quartets release of pent-up rage fueled by continuing injustice. Since October 2006, Titmachines raw and loose sound has remained unhampered by the constraints of talent, and answers questions anyone has yet to ask. Kinda like the Dutch Shaggs meets the female Monks and Flipper with a conscience."-Meeuw Muzak. Restocked!

Oh well, there's a new Podcast EP 13: Rex (helicopter one) both sides, Bored fortress club vol1 - dramcatcher/birds of delay split, tuxedo killers - don't rape the okope,
What the fuck kind of a playlist is this? (19:24)

This has to be a lowpoint for 7inches. It's time to start the 12 step program.


  1. This single is KILLER.


  2. i think it would be better if you just said what you really think, jason

  3. Seriously....what a dick.