Monday, April 7, 2008

Wolf people - storm cloud 7"

This is true real psychedelic, straight out of the late 60's. It's a lost recording, a lost band. There is no updating, messing with this sound, reinterpreting, they make Dead Meadow sound like weird al. There's flutes, weird sitar sounding instruments, even scratchy sounding vinyl, either that or they recorded the 7" track right off the record for their myspace. It's a completely faithful reproduction of this sound, to a really amazing degree. It's completely authentic.

I wish someone would find master tapes to some unknown band, or master tapes from a project someone was in back in the 60's and they're son gets a hold of it and releases it contemporarily, and it's hailed as a throwback masterpiece, influenced by that sound...or even better if it's reviewed as not being authentic enough.
They would be this mystery band that never toured, didn't even have pics, myspaces, nothing.

The biggest question is why another wolf name? I mean, that's a tough break, it's really hard to justify at this point.

A. Storm Cloud - Listen
AA. Cotton Strands - Listen

Artwork by Luke Insect
On Battled Ornament records
Limited edition hand numbered 7" 500 only

Also be on the look out for this

Featuring exlcusive tracks from WOLF PEOPLE and THE LIFTMEN, plus a vintage Hungarian cut from KATI KOVACS, taken from the forthcoming FINDERS KEEPERS' release 'WELL HUNG'. Avaialble on the nights and soon from the Finders Keepers on-line store.

Not yet, but soon.

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