Thursday, May 1, 2008

School of Seven Bells on Suicide Squeeze

Side A – Silent Grips
Side B – Used To

This is the third 7" this year in suicide squeeze's crazy push for 7" domination in releasing an eclectic bunch of new music. Like Health and the Coathangers before it, School of seven bells is in good company. SSB has ex-secret Machines guitarist Benjamin Curtis here who seems to be working the electronics more than the strings. The secret machines opened for sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's at McCareen pool and remember the machines working a lot of guitar atmopherics, with really heavy loops, filling the space with this huge sound, their seven inch skipping when the bass kicks in.
This track on their myspace, Silent Grips, is the oppposite, sneaking up, really subtle. It has this weird vocal melody that gets the last thing from stuck in my head, I can't ever remember it, it's hard to place and the last thing I would expect for this light, meandering, soft electronics feel, but it fits, and is just plain weird and original.

Limited to 2,000 copies! Comprised of ex-Secret Machines guitarist Benjamin Curtis and On! Air! Library! sister set Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. School of Seven Bells intricately infuse a psych-rock aesthetic that freely weaves itself in an ethereal of lush harmonics, richly textured beats and ripping riffs. This limited edition 7” features a brand spanking new track from the band, “Silent Grips” and a unique cover of Wire’s “Used To”. This is the third release in a series of 7” releases in 2008 for Suicide Squeeze. Pressed on Green vinyl!

On Suicide Squeeze.

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