Friday, May 2, 2008

Unusual Animals Vol3 - Ariel Pink, half handed cloud

I had no idea this was coming, I love Ariel Pink. Amazingly if you ever thought no one could breathe life into the entire low-fi crappy 4-track genre, you were wrong again. Just when you think it all sounds the same, he comes along and completely destroys all expectations. This sounds like nothing else, high falsetto vocals, chorus cheap guitar, hundreds of layers, out of time, with absolutely no song structure, he sings both duet parts in different voices, different genders. It's really the sound of like deciding you are your own glam rock, demented disco superstar. I kind of picture a silence of the lambs thing going on. An abandoned warehouse with disco balls and fog machines. There's a stage with tinsel, where he performs every night.
He's a solid experimental anti-songwriter savant, I will always be completely surprised by him... that's an accomplishment to completely wear every insane idea on your sleeve and letting your freak flag out every day, all the time....amazing. Track down every single he releases...I'm not asking.

How LA influenced this weird mess is beyond me, but it makes perfect sense to my other coast impression of the place.
Haven't loved Half handed Cloud as much but I can see they are coming from the same place...this will be another chance to try him out. Great overall release from Asthmatic Kitty records.

This is the third in a series of vinyl-only releases. The series, entitled Unusual Animals, pairs Asthmatic Kitty roster artists with friends & sometimes-unlikely bedfellows. Each record includes a beautiful rendering of one of Mother Nature's stranger inhabitants by illustrator Jared Chapman. This limited-edition series expands the Asthmatic Kitty family to include some unexpected folks.
After years of recording in relative seclusion in the hills of Los Angeles, Ariel Pink made his official Paw Tracks debut with The Doldrums. Recording at home with a guitar, bass, keyboard, & 8-track (the drum sounds are all unbelievably created with his mouth), Ariel Pink blends Lite FM & warped lo-fi pop into something beautiful & confusing, yet highly addictive. Ariel Pink's excess of ideas, alongside his determination to make music from a trance-like state of privacy, places him among characters like R Stevie Moore, Daniel Johnston, or a young Kate Bush.
Full of spirited humor, Half-handed Cloud dissolves any obstacles standing in the way of his innocent bulldozing, jam-packing a sixties sensibility, the touch of a lullaby, & murmurs of divine redemption into micro-narrative & Casio sound effects. Just as fingers begin to snap in time, the artist wraps it up & crackles to conclusion. A trombonist since the age of ten, Ringhofer picked up the guitar as a teenager while recovering from toe surgery. Watching the artist equip himself with the sounds of a 1960's era Sears particleboard guitar, air organ, chattering dolls, stomping on the kitchen floor, & various sixties-pop influences, one may begin to perceive an invisible pattern in the songster's art deco rug.
Episode 14 - Final Solutions - I don't like you, Jay Reatard, See saw, Screaming hand, Casiotone - old panda days - the agoo records picture disc. (24:13)
I ponder the criticism of seven,ten,twelve. Stop the hate. Listen or don't, buy it or don't.

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