Friday, May 30, 2008

Micachu - Lone ranger

There are things you stumble across and for whatever reason they just sound new, completely contemporary and interesting. Not to say this won't end up dated in a few years, but that can be a complement, that it's influence is felt across everything that the original is so diluted by the time it's re listened to that it's immediacy is lost...but it's something like Girl Talk, that amazing mashup project that can't legitimately be sold but still a career built on it's brilliance, in it's own right made up of the best parts of everyone else, turned into something new.
Micachu sounds like she's working insanely hard to make new sounds period. To use impossible beats and melodies strung together, then taking them back apart, it's jaw dropping and still accessible, the kind of thing you keep putting on just to hear that particular phrase or sound again. The hook I can't even explain, the one that changes and keeps this pounding chaos together somehow. They keep jumping genre and song structure, half dancehall or pure indie electronica, the influences are endless.
There's not a hint of playing up a cute factor either, she has to be taken seriously as a legitimate talent...and 21, serious balls to you Mica.

The Lone Ranger single starts out with a super low-fi mess of ghostly guitar chords, that blows out with handclaps and a truly weird verse melody and chorus. It constantly threatens to fall apart or take that wrong turn into not interesting, but it's only because you can't think it could get any better.
Aphex Twin folk.

There's an amazing mixtape she did you can download from her myspace. This is so much more interesting than her supposed contemporary Lady Sovereign...ugh.

Micachu: Lone Ranger (Brikabrak) On the evidence of the 'Filthy Friends Mixtape' available from her Myspace portal, 21 year old musical maverick Mica Levi is most certainly a talent to watch. Said mixtape includes herself and assorted mates MCing over 'bruk up' garage and grime beats; a curveball, slanted take on sampling found objects, attracting the attention of one Matthew Herbert who produces and supplies some messed beats on this three track EP of wiry treble, estuary-anglo vocals and minimal folk/pop. Fans of Jack Penate, Kate Nash or Johnny Flynn produced by Matthew Herbert will appreciate this gem of a pop 7" and the wildly eclectic mixtape. Excellent new music!

Good luck finding this stateside, it seems to be strictly import only, as everywhere I could find carrying it was from mother England.

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