Monday, June 2, 2008

hiroshima rocks around - Matter of Fact

There seems to be a pretty amazing Italian underground punk influenced nofi noise scene currently, or probably I'm just getting on board with it. Rocco from disordered records (RIP) made this stuff a way of life with his short lived label, and Avant! records I hope is just getting started with their Blck Bug release.
Here's another offering of extreme noise from the boot. My favorite track from Hiroshima rocks around's myspace has to be DER KENARO, there's a really amazing guitar distortion that starts out as just noise in the background...all feedback and then winds forward and turns into the chorus...this is coming at punk from a new angle, informed by whatever explosion of punk is happening in Italy.
From S-S records.

"More proof that Italy is getting to be a hot spot form rock y roll moderne. These two HRA songs will remind you a bit of Cheveu, maybe some Crash Normal, perhaps some Another Mans Sac. I dunno. You can figure out the comparisons. I do think you will dig this one."-Scott Soriano (S-S). Edition of 600 copies.

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